ConDem Nation

So Messrs. Tory, gonna tell us a story?

But please . .

Spare the bullshit ending
where due to cuts on spending
the economy is mending
for the benefit of all
And while you salivate
at what’s piled upon your plate
don’t pretend that you relate
to those who’ll fall
Value Added Tax
designed to break our backs
D’you think you’ll hide the cracks
with talk of pensions??
No added free school meals
Over fifty? No new deals
and next March you will reveal
your true intentions
Child Benefit? No rise
but in the name of compromise
wouldn’t stopping it be wiser
from the wealthy?
Public sector cuts
Too soon the doors will shut
as you slash and spill the guts
of what is healthy
More ‘scroungers’ to despise
as unemployment takes a rise
but in your coalition lies
it’s job creation
So Clegg, get off your knees
and David – trousers please
now you’ve sentenced us with ease
to ConDem Nation.


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