I said E E EDL. . I said E E EDL . .

. .with one hand on hip and throwing diagonals with the other in a George Cross breathable face mask and matching jockstrap, obviously – NS!

What the feck is going on eh? Well, this is how I see it:-

Little Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Lennon aka Paul Harris) had a dream about being big Tommy Robinson. He joined the BNP but seemingly wasn’t content with being a pawn (though he claims he didn’t know they were racist). Small man syndrome. Gotta love it!

He dreamt that one day he would have an army of men and women dribbling at his every word, especially ‘England til I die innit’ and ending every sentence they typed in awe of him with NS ( I though it was ’nuff said’ but apparently it’s ‘no surrender’), and when the good books, like the Daily Mail, said that Islam was bad and was going to take over the world, little Tommy saw his opportunity. And so it began . .

But it went way beyond his wildest dreams! Not only had he managed to build up a flock of media swilling sheep to march on the streets preaching race hate under the guise of  only being interested in bringing extremists down, and scrapping a bit in his name, but he also worked out how to screw them out of their hard earned cash by setting up an online shop for EDL merchandise so they can wear things in public to express their hatred, and so those of a sound mind can avoid them at all costs ( the website is built and based in India *titter* ). Oh how he loves his little putty people.



( from the main farcebook page today. Oh dear oh dear! )

He did get a it a bit wrong when trying to hit Europe recently though, and reminded me of Hitler a bit. (Thrown that in case him or his cronies ever read this. They can use it on their farcebook groups. I can see it now – ‘Tommy compared to the main man. Yeeehaw! NS’) They got ousted out by Ajax supporters in Amsterdam, and I almost felt maternal when they took his flag away. His little face had ‘I want my mummy, they took my blanky‘ written all over it.

Ok. So the EDL are a joke, but it’s not really funny.

The EDL / WDL / SDL (England / Wales / Scotland Defence Leagues)  claim not to be racist or fascist, yet youtube is full of videos to the contrary, and on their facebook groups, the main one having over 40,000 members, you can read lovely stuff like the seemingly usual ‘pakis go home’ as well as delights like this:-

“I understand that i hate the bustards myself but i also hate all the Jews as far as i know Jews and Muslims are evel and those 2 Races need to be Destroyed.Otherwise we whites are going to suffer,i would love that my kids would grow up in a White Britain/Wales with no Muslims and Jews or Niggers and Lefties that would be my perfect Wales/Britain”

(glad he’s not a teacher ;))

They’re also fond of posting personal details of their ‘enemies’ which seems to include anyone who dares to have opposing views, and they like to publicly share plans of their marches. Facebook is, without doubt, their biggest recruiting ground.

I am sympathetic to the initial cause that they claimed to have. I don’t like extremists and have issues with blind terrorism, and I’m a bit anti-organised religion, but it stops there.

They now hail themselves as a far right wing political pressure group and there seems to be as much ranting about hate of the UAF and SWP on their stuff now as there is regarding the Islam4UK and Muslims in general. They seem content in geeing up hate for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a ‘burkha style’ hoodie from their shop. Well, for anyone who isn’t Islamaphobic.

Still, it’s not all bad news is it. It looks like the BNP are going dahn. But what a strange old time we live in eh?  The country’s in a financial mess due largely to the banks and the fat cat tax dodgers, yet because these things are seemingly unreachable, we have to haul blame closer to the ground. The gutter press print sensationalist stories about immigration and we have our scapegoat in black and white as it were. Then they chuck out a few more crumbs, throw around the word terrorism while printing the odd reminder, and all of a sudden Muslims are trying to take over the world! Quotes from the Qu’ran are bandered about  (have these people ever read the bloody bible?! And no I’m not swearing, but it’s a blood-stained book of rules just like all the other religious rantings) and fear sets in.

The Muslims I know wouldn’t dream of strapping bombs to themselves. I read this luvvly blog yesterday, written by a moderate Muslim woman in response to a ridiculous Daily Express story:-


. . and I really felt for her. Imagine feeling the need to have to explain yourself all the time?

I’m not religious. In fact I’m anti-organised religion, but that doesn’t leave me empathising with those buying into Islamaphobia. They are promoting  fear and hate and feeding it from all sides, just like an organised, fevered, in yer face religion though perhaps not entirely through fault of their own.

There’s a certain twisted kind of brainwashing going on here, leading to a misguided unity, and I can’t help thinking it’s just another bowing on the divide and conquer fiddle.

It reminds me of the Birdy Song! Thank fuck I seem to be awake enough to keep dancing to a different tune.

Change the record innit!


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