Cut it Out!

WOW!! That weird, yet exciting, rumble that’s been making my head buzz with ‘This is it, isn’t it? It’s coming!’ since the general election has already gone way past the sparkler stage already. Here’s to some proper impressive fireworks. Imagine the finale! I’m not talking about violent clashes and big fires, though they’re inevitable, especially when the government have just stuck their fingers up at your future, but more the sheer volume of protesting, and everywhere! And not just on the streets. Don’t be knocking the cyber anarchists and the petition signers and the letter writers. We’re all in this together, and combined we’re doing a pretty grand job of increasing awareness and making things happen.

Being of a certain age I feel a huge maternal swell of pride where the students are concerned. Not just because, although stereotyped as lazy, beans out of a can eating, cheap booze swilling oiks, they have kicked apathy right where it hurts, but also because my academically brilliant daughter (and no, that’s not parental blinkers talking) who survived the snobbery of grammar school, despite the stick for being the only kid in her year to be from a ‘council slum’, and came out the other end with some very impressive exam results, has recently quit college and now works in a retirement home because she can’t cope with the thought of starting her adult life thousands of pounds in debt. Naturally, this has pissed me right off, not least because I wasn’t in the position to help her either. Yesterday’s vote to increase the uni fees cap to £9,000 now puts my daughter in among thousands of young people with little direction and in need of work. I guess I should be grateful for her foresight, but that’s not quite how I saw her using her brain.

Obviously, the student’s fight is but one slice of the pie. I don’t think I know ANYONE who isn’t, or won’t be, affected by this savage coalition and its fuck the poor games. Education cuts don’t stop at the unis. The Surestart scheme, one of New Labour’s better ideas (which is probably why it’s getting special attention from the big blue hatchet), and which you can read about here , is morphing from a prize-winning Persian into the cat from Pet Semetary. The ‘needed extras’ currently given to schools along with the right training will now have to be bought in from each school’s already over-stretched budget ad-hoc. One of my good friends works AND volunteers in a Children’s Centre, can see on ground level the massive difference they make, and is utterly distraught by the government’s plans. I used to work next door to a Connexions drop-in, a funded scheme to help 13-19 year olds with just about anything. It was busy ALL the time, but has now closed its doors for the final time. Where do those kids go now when they’ve been bullied because of the colour of their skin, are living in an abusive environment, etc etc..???

Then there are the benefit cuts and madcap schemes such as working for your dole. Get the lazy sods back to work, you say? Sorry, but most folks DON’T choose to be on the dole, or the sick, or receive Housing Benefit. It is a myth that most get too comfortable and do a bit of cash work on the side to pay their Sky subscription and get drunk every night. Those folks are a small minority who will always find a way of fleecing the system regardless. Earning your Jobseekers is just another nail in the ‘Big Society’ coffin, which if you strip it down to black and white it’s seemingly a clever way of increasing the rich/poor divide by means of acceptable slavery. We tread the wheel for less, or even nothing because they’ve cut funding for all those schemes that benefit our communities on so many levels while those up there still take their slice. The resources have to come from somewhere, right? The idea is romantic – all chipping in for the good of those around us – but only workable WITHOUT central government. Ah, but this sort of puts us in training for it, doesn’t it? Gets us used to it? I don’t see it like that. Why would they want us all self-sufficient? If we don’t need them, then what is the point of their existence? Think about it. . .

Someone even put it to me the other day that ‘the rich will be affected by the cuts etc. too by way of the VAT increase’. Erm, yeh alright then, if you ignore the fact that most will claim almost every penny of it back through whatever pies they have their fat fingers in. Jayzus!! Like that makes it alright anyway!

Gah! I’m fuming about the whole current MESS! It’s all so, well, 1980’s. We’re the hungry pigeons and they’re chucking out crumbs in oh so many directions. If Thatcher and her bolus of wankers hadn’t introduced the Right to Buy scheme for social housing back then, then there would certainly be no need to even consider a scheme involving short term tenancies for those already struggling and insecure. Most of those in a position to ‘better’ themselves by getting off a council estate were doing it anyway, and with their social greed breeding, this would have naturally increased. And on it goes. . .

Currently at the top of my fight sheet is the proposal to sell off massive chunks of Forestry Commission managed forests, though not because I’m a tree hugger (but it’s good shit, you should try it). They make around £60million income per year against the £30million government subsidy overall, so the sell off is clearly not about saving money, but about putting the interests of private business owners over the vast majority of the communities that thrive in them and the general public who enjoy them without the need of golf clubs, but this, really, is for another blog.

Anyway, the reason I started this rant is because there’s a big national sort of march against everything planned for the 26th March next year, which is great as it’s budget time etc, but that’s a long way off, momentum is gathering NOW, we all have something to fight NOW. By the end of March, who knows how prepared those in power will be? They’re not abandoning police vans and sending Charles and Camilla out during protests for nothing. They are blatantly creating a worldwide public justification for what actions may follow. Methinks it’s gonna get messy!

My vote goes to New Year’s Eve in the daytime. Folks are getting off their arses and going out anyway. The streets on that night can’t not be policed. And I, for one, would like to see a brighter start to 2011.

One voice!! xx

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