When the EDL Fuhrer do too much Chang, Joggers Turn Bad.

So the EDL are claiming that Muslim extremists tried to take out one of their leaders, Kevin Carroll, last night. Little Tommy released this statement on their fashbook wall. . .

“Hi it’s Tommy Robinson, this is true a Muslim with a shot gun attempted to shoot keV they threw rocks at his window to draw him out of his house. He and his family are with armed police, I also have police guard at my house. They won’t stop us, we will continue. We will defend ourselves. Luton demo would still go ahead even if one of us was killed! As always no surrender, not now not ever!”

Then they did their usual wittering about a news blackout because the BBC hates them. Funny how this appeared on their wall just after links to their merch and how to buy Luton demo coach tickets. Not whacked the whole Charlie Division’s supply up your snouts already have you boys?
This morning, after scouring the net for a report that didn’t just lead back to the above ‘statement’ this appeared on the BBC website. Erm, so we’ve already gone from ‘attempted to shoot’ to ‘no shots were fired’.
Then this little gem popped up. An exclusive interview with Kevin Carroll. Please listen, but not while eating your cornflakes. Milk’s a bitch to get out of your keyboard.
BBC exclusive interview with the Carroll himself. Listen! 

All I can say to that is Kev, either you clearly have access to some of the finest cocaine known to man, and if that’s the case methinks you’re definitely doing too much and need to get your arse into rehab, OR this is possibly the worst publicity stunt I’ve ever seen.

Either way, we ought to thank them really. Laugh? I nearly stubbed my toe! NS – Nuff Said.

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