Letter to Theresa May re: More power to Police

Hello Theresa..
Having just seen your speech about giving the police more powers at protests, I feel compelled to write to you, though not just to determine whether you are indeed human or not and have the slightest clue what the real world is all about.
I was in Trafalgar Square on Saturday, 26th March in the evening. I was there, after protesting peacefully all day, because I am a 40 year old mother of three concerned for the future welfare of my children and because I am against the non-consensual state rape that you and your colleagues seem set on screwing us with.
When I arrived in the Square there was an amazing atmosphere. People were chilling, dancing, chatting and laughing. Then suddenly, the police started snatching people out of the crowd. I noticed the riot police running in a line by the National Gallery so I went to see what was going on and next thing I know we were surrounded. Kettled.
During my ‘containment’, your lovely officers watched a safety barrier land on my head but refused to let me leave or get me a medic. Other officers also smacked me around the head with shields twice after I’d explained about the barrier. I was clipped with shields several times, including in the face, and also pushed to the ground. I was forced to wee on the floor in front of them because there was nowhere else to go. I was refused water. Despite being told by a first aider among the protesters that I had concussion it took well over an hour for me to find someone vaguely human on the riot line to listen to me and get me out. Even then, the lovely officer next to her couldn’t resist clipping me with his shield.
My behaviour, like most of the people stuck in that kettle, was in no way violent. There was no riot before the police descended on the Square, and the only violence I witnessed came from them, and it made me sick to my very core. We were treated like animals.
My son, who was 6 this week, had to celebrate his birthday with a mother so concussed and bruised that I could hardly string a sensible sentence together, let alone stumble through the words to Happy Birthday or hug him properly JUST because I exercised my right to protest PEACEFULLY.
As for ALL events in the day, physically abusing people to protect property is twisted at best, but physically hurting people because you are given the power to do so..well..words fail me.
Feel free to dismiss me as some benefit scrounging scum in order to appease any vague pangs of humanity you may risk feeling (though I’m not holding my breath), but you would be wrong. But then you usually are.
Do enjoy your brief spell as a ConDemner, and, in all sincerity, I hope you don’t end up with too much blood on your hands while people refuse to be ConDemned.
No regards,

7 responses to “Letter to Theresa May re: More power to Police

  • lazaroumonkeyterror

    Well said babes, as a fellow party goer who had the luck and swift foot to get out just as the hi-vis jaws of the poilce line were closing I can concur.
    Also, notice how in the photo of Theresa May she’s dressed like a villain from Star Trek, the Cardassian witch!

  • DarkestAngel32

    Im sharing this. I’m also a mum of 3, heartbroken that this pathetic excuse for a government thinks it has the right to destroy any hope my children have of a future. ‘Stay poor, future criminals, know your place vermin, how dare you have an opinion or dare to dream of a better life’. It makes me sick and so very angry. I was supposed to be there on Saturday but they cut my tax credits so I couldn’t afford it. You were there for all of us and I’m proud of you.

  • theroguetrooper

    I had left London to make my way back to Liverpool by the time this happened. Thanks for posting this, the more people who tell the truth the better. Onward & Upward.

  • Glenn

    Very well said. I read your previous post the other day, and found it pretty harrowing but (sadly) not at all surprising. Keep up the blogging and the protesting – we can’t let them scare us off the streets.

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