What a difference a week makes. . .or does it?

So, it’s a week on from me getting my head battered at the anticuts protest in London, which despite over half a million people turning out for, this gun-ho government still won’t shift on it’s rabid austerity plans.

On an emotional level, I’ve pretty much dealt with it thanks to an amazing geezer and some gorgeous, and well appreciated, support from my friends. Thankyou! ❤

On a physiological level, things aren’t so great. My quack says I have some temporary mild brain damage that will take a couple of months to get over as long as I take it easy. I feel sick ALL of the time, and I have tinnitus on and off. I’m mostly managing the pains in my head with pharms, though can’t seem to do much about feeling like there’s a stick poking from the bottom of my neck into my nog on one side. Most of the glass seems to be working its way out though.

On a cognitive level, I’m feeling pretty frustrated. Everything’s on go slow and my memory is shot. I’ve found myself on the floor after hits of dizziness a few times now, and there are moments where I feel like someone else. Generally, they’re associated with outside stresses which I’d normally cope with really well, but at the moment I can’t. These are just moments though, and I don’t doubt that I’ll be right back on it soon.

I’ve had mixed responses from folks, especially concerning the fact that I have not even slightly been put off exercising my right to protest, and that I will continue to fight this ridiculous government and express my beliefs. Really, like almost everyone else in Trafalgar Square last Saturday, I did nothing wrong. Under orders or not, the behaviour of the police was fucking despicable and unnecessary. FACT!

And I can’t bear to imagine what would happen if we didn’t fight and just bowed down to this state rape. So, to my critiques – if you can afford private healthcare, public schools (the irony of that title), nearly £1.50 a litre for fuel and can claim all your VAT back, well bully for you and your ‘secure’ bubble. If you can’t, then perhaps it’s time you stepped back a little and took a proper look at what’s going on here. From the petition signers right through to the Black Bloc and everyone inbetween, we’re fighting for you too. Believing that your disapproval and judgement make you superior is but another divide and rule tool used by the rich, which include the owners of the tabloids you chew on over breakfast. Keep judging those who smashed stuff up belonging to those ultimately to blame for these horrific cuts if you like, but without them and the peaceful UK Uncut occupations, and the brutalising of us protesters in Trafalgar Square, folks wouldn’t still be talking about it. The more folks talk, the more ideas come together. ‘I wouldn’t have done it like that. Maybe I’d have done it like this. . .’ Thought seeds. I love them!!

So anyway, overall I’m in a much better state than I was a week ago, and my cuts and bruises will heal, but two days into the new tax year and the welfare state is already spinning in its sickbed, with little hope of a full recovery. I do believe we can stop it becoming its deathbed though. I’m already concerned about how many of my friends have lost their jobs. Then you read stuff like this, about Job Centre employees being given quotas to avoid paying out benefits. And before you start on the whole ‘dole scrounger’ hit, most folks really do want to work! Look at how many people you know. How many of them have sat comfortably screwing the system their whole lives? Not very many I bet.

How many of you are getting Tax Credits? Help with childcare? Help with rent? Those who receive none of those things look down their noses at you, and on it goes. Tis all bullshit.

Not just about jobs though, is it. It’s about an entire welfare network that has been put into place by OUR taxes, and those of our parents and even some of our children, and where’s the investment in their future? So what if some folks have fallen on hard times and aren’t contributing. So what if we’re supporting folks who had to flee from their home countries while they get back on their feet. Since when did keeping up with the Jones’s become more important than folks’ welfare?

Back to good old divide and rule, which leads me on to a brief message for my political/activist friends. . .

I know where my beliefs are and so do you. I may even be the girl guilty of getting the SWP to burn their own papers last weekend, and refused to march under the TUC’s flag, but the more I witness the bitching and niggles among the left, the libs and the anarchists, the more I envisage an opportunity missed.

The reason the government freaked over the public Forests sell off (even though they’re backpeddling a bit now) is because of the unity across the political, and non-political, board, so can we battle out the rights and wrongs AFTER we’ve taken these ego-fuelled, self-absorbed, over-privileged, no idea what’s going on in the real world oiks down, please? Nice one!!

And for those who don’t know..

‘Anarchism is the movement for social justice through freedom. It opposes both the insidious growth of state power and the harmful belief of possessive individualism, which, together or separately, ultimately serve only the interests of the few at the expense of the rest. Anarchism promotes mutual aid, harmony and human solidarity, to achieve a free, classless society – a cooperative commonwealth.’

No Gods No Masters? Sounds good to me.. xx

(COSMO – No Gods, No Masters (On Violence at Demos) )

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