A General Strike?! On June 30th?! Your day is going to be massively disrupted anyway, so you may as well get your luvvly arses out there and show support!!

So the unions are calling for an all out strike on the 30th June, which could involve up to 800,000 workers. Of course the turnout won’t be that high because so many folks are either still apathetic or still live in hope that if they tow the line then their jobs will remain secure, but add to those who do have some fight in them all of us non-union-but-angry-at-the-cuts/fuck-the-establishment types and the turnout will no doubt be immense. The government certainly seem to think that to be the case, as today Vince Cable warns of tighter legislation on industrial action should the strikes go ahead on the 30th. No real surprises that Cable has morphed into a Tory twat. One has one’s career to consider now one’s own ship has sunked. . .what what?!

Unlike March 26th, this time the actions are national so there’s bound to be something going on near you, and if there isn’t, get one going!! Or you could just sit at home moaning because your day has been disrupted.

I find it hard to believe that anyone reading this hasn’t been affected by the cuts already, never mind what’s to come. I certainly have, both directly and indirectly. If you haven’t, or aren’t close to someone who’s feeling the pinch or lost support and/or some local service or another, then I’d really like to know how you’ve managed it, so please comment!

I’m assuming that most of you who haven’t yet got involved in protesting against these ridiculous cuts  now realise that the media is generally full of shit and it’s not obligatory to smash stuff up or get arrested, and you’ve also seen how peaceful protest has already worked in saving some libraries, some forests, etc??

There’s something going on somewhere most days now, though sadly the media tend to ignore the majority of these protests unless they’re really creative, or someone gets arrested or breaks stuff, hence why that sort of direct action has its place, though stopping traffic helps too! Hats orf to these pensioners and disabled folks who did just that in London the other day!!

I was at the Topshop Occupation with UK Uncut in Cardiff on 28th May, and it was just brilliant. . .and peaceful. No-one got hurt, though one of the in-house security did attempt to get a bit rough. He was rather quickly bollocked by the Public Order orificer present, whose lovely mug appears here along with some other interesting info. The aforementioned security guard was worryingly more concerned about us shouting how Philip Green (head of the group that own Topshop) should pay his £300m tax avoidance bill than he was about a band of shop lifters on the first floor. Can’t get the staff, eh?!

The tills had to close for nearly an hour, which was ruddy marvellous, and you can read more about the occupation here, which also mentions me overhearing the woman copper in charge saying to one of her colleagues ‘we can’t do anything because of those bloody legal observers!’ She also commented on the TV cameras turning up and that’s why she’d come outside. When she clocked me earwigging she snapped ‘Alright??!’ and blushed up. All I could do was smile at her, though on a serious note this does highlight the need for legal observers at such events.

That day’s events in Cardiff started with a brilliant idea called ‘Busk Against the Cuts’. Despite the weather, the turnout was brilliant, as were the acts. I’m guessing there’ll be more of these popping up, and as I know so many musicians/poets/comedians, it’d be really ace to see them appearing all over the country, me darlins! It’s a very simple yet affective idea for gathering crowds and raising awareness, so do it!!!

There’s a page on facebook that is slowly adding links to events, strikes, occupations and other actions for the 30th June as they come in here and no doubt UK Uncut will be working their usual magic.

Even the shouty ode Class War geezer Ian Bone has come out behind the unions on this one, even if it’s through gritted teeth, so it must be alright to make some noise, right??!!!

So I’ll see you all out on the streets on Thursday 30th June. . .but please refrain from calling me facking comrade!!

Strike! Occupy! Resist!

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