The Right to Occupy!

It’s Freshers’ Week, so it seemed rude not to go and join the minions who were firing flyers at the students as they went into the Fayre at the S.U. in Cardiff. We were there to share info on the Direct Action Training Workshops coming up locally, and also the Why Anarchy? event, and got a brilliant response! Lots of people were  engaging with us and asking questions and we’ve come away feeling like we’ve definitely drummed up some interest.

We couldn’t really let the day pass without some Direct Action though, especially when you consider that to get a stall inside the Fayre would have meant producing the teeth of our grandmother’s first-born hen or something. So in came the suggestion to occupy the Tory stall in the Great Hall, and in went members of Direct Action Cardiff, South Wales Anarchists and Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraig.

Armed with a megaphone, anti-Tory posters and a red and black flag, we completely blocked the stall from view. Lots of ‘Tories Out! Tories Maes!’ chanting pulled in a crowd who were mostly smiling and taking photos, and then the megaphone was used to remind students about the recent attacks on our education system by Cameron and co.

We did reassure the two young men behind the stall that we weren’t there to hurt them. One of them responded by offering political debate. We explained that they’d never sell capitalism to us and suggested that they should probably tidy up the pens that one of them had knocked over in the confusion, and rearrange their display of small, cuddly Welsh Dragons complete with website attached.

In came the Uni staff to tell us that we were a health and safety issue as the stalls had been laid out in a very specific way for people to walk through. When it was pointed out that if they hadn’t allowed for at least a single depth of people at the front of stalls then they were in breach of their own H&S policy, they disappeared. Then they came back to ask if we were all students. They didn’t ask specifically if we were students there, so mostly got ‘yes’ in response.

Eventually, a security guard turned up. He was friendly enough and by this time we’d achieved as much as we were going to. The only person he told off was one of the Tories for aggressively ripping up one of our posters! So we marched out of there chanting, flags and banners waving, to applause and laughter. The security guard followed us out and thanked us for our co-operation. He smiled when he received a wink and a ‘You don’t vote Tory, do you?’

A couple of writers from the student paper came and found us outside. They asked who we were and if we felt we’d achieved what we set out to do. It was explained to them that we weren’t aiming to promote anything during the occupation of the right-wing stall, but to protest against the government and its vicious cuts. We  also discussed the fact that we were rarely given an opportunity at these kind of events to express our beliefs anyway as we were non-hierarchical and anti-establishment so therefore didn’t fit into the comfy hole they were aiming to create.

If nothing else, we definitely made a mostly boring zigzagged walk of ‘sign this’ torture a little more interesting for a bit, though if I was a fresher in that hall today, I know what would be standing out in my head.

I think that there’s a fair chance we’ll see some of them again soon.


11 responses to “The Right to Occupy!

  • Bissell (Antipraxis)

    Exercising your right to free speech, while refusing to debate your views and disrupting the free speech of others. Contradicting the fundamental reasons that John Stuart Mill gives us in favour of free speech. Just goes to show that Communists really are hypocritical scum.

    • Ms.S-Else

      Just goes to show that right wing “Libertarians” have no understanding what “Communist” means..or what “libertarian” means. You should go and hijack your own terms, not ours. You should also read John Stuart Mill properly.

      “The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.” JSM. The Tories are fucking us. Therefore we are applying JSM’s maxim!!

  • Bissell (Antipraxis)

    Explain then how the provision of public services (the justification) can warrant the imposition of taxation (the exercise of uninvited power)

  • The lovely Debbie Mcgee

    bissel (if that is your real name!) you’re quite clearly a bigoted fucktard. communists? anarchists. get it right.

  • The lovely Debbie Mcgee

    that would appear to be apt for you then.

  • The lovely Debbie Mcgee

    bissel = grammar nazi bigot with overinflated sense of self worth, compounded with a low level of intelligence disguised (badly) with constant google referencing.

    • Bissell (Antipraxis)

      ‘Bissel’ has not made one comment concerning grammar, nor has he ‘referenced’ anything from google. An anarchist is necessarily somebody who rejects the legitimacy of The State (From Wolff: ‘Anarchy and Obligation.) This would preclude re-distribution-ism, as that concept involves the State having moral authority over the individual. Would you care to enlighten this thread with a more considered definition of ‘Anarchism,’ or do you think the Communist tendency to simply state opinion as objective truth, with no recourse to reason, is adequate?

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