When Valentine’s Day is Over, it’s Over. . .Regardless of Gender

As an anarchist, equality is a massive deal to me, so when I see campaigns that appear to make one section of society more important than others it, quite frankly, makes my shit itch.

Currently, that’ll be the buzz around the domestic violence issue, and the way that violence from men against women is somehow ‘special’ in the eyes of some folks. It’s not. Domestic Violence is shit, regardless of which door you pee behind, and methinks that those desperate to add some kind of severity grading chart to this issue should maybe focus on levels, frequency and, most importantly of all, causes. And definitely NOT gender.

To close doors or make anyone who needs help and support  feel that their needs are somehow inferior isn’t progressive.

Domestic violence isn’t exclusive to heterosexual relationships any more than it is to gender. Among many lesbian, gay and trans couples, whether gender roles are taken on or not, violence can occur from either side.

Surely, to move forward, this has to be seen as a human issue (as I know it is by many), and not just a women’s one, and more support put into place for those dishing it out.

Anyway, it’s International Women’s Day, so last night, after a few ales, we recorded a slightly altered version of Billy Bragg’s Valentine’s Day is Over.

Yes, it’s supposed to be a little tongue-in-cheek given the day, but violence from women isn’t something to be played down or dismissed. Violence is violence.

2 responses to “When Valentine’s Day is Over, it’s Over. . .Regardless of Gender

  • Sam Mainwaring


    Making the violence against women special like you say falls in line with the enforced role that women are “meant” to take: being weak and indefensible (and so needing men’s chivalrous protection). If a man is weak and suffers from domestic violence, he’s not fulfilling his gender role – not being “enough of a man” (and so has nobody to blame but himself).

  • thelovelydebbiemcgee

    i LOVE this song. was dubious about listening to a cover of it, but ya’ve done a good job lass. i particularly like the line about coming home and finding yer things all stacked up on the landing. little things please little minds and all that!

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