Cameron, I Would Call You A C**t – Song and Video Release!!!

It is done!! But now I need your help to get it viral!

I know I’m not the only one who utterly despises being a pawn in these despicable rich Tory boy games.

My anger peaked somewhat when the NHS Reform Bill was passed, despite massive opposition from just about everyone (including from the House of Lords whose decisions and recommendations on the bill were dismissed) , closely followed the very next day by a budget that further crippled the poor while benefiting the rich.

Over those two days I wrote and recorded this song in some vague attempt to calm down a bit!

It proved to be very popular, even among those that dislike the ‘C’ word (not Cameron, the other one), and I received a ton of pressure about whacking it out to try and chart.

I’m very much a DIY girl who has massive issues with corporations and the mainstream in general, so I dismissed the idea initially.

Then I got to thinking that it could have the potential to raise some much needed funds for the anti-cuts/anti-capitalist/anti-fascist collectives I’m involved with, so I thought ‘fuck it, why not?!’

Does this make me a sell-out? Only if you’re a bit blinkered, methinks. And let’s keep it real. At best, it’ll probably spend half an hour in the top 40 of some obscure download chart somewhere and piss off a few Tory wankers.

All good with me!!!

Then came the idea of a video for it.

I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s full of juicy wrongness and we all had ridiculous fun making it!

There were suggestions made to release it for the Olympic Opening Ceremony, but then came the news that those clueless, phallically-challenged Tory toffs were also aiming to ban Bank Holidays!

So here it is in time for May Day, the most significant Bank Holiday of them all!

You can buy the track for 79p via the following links (cringes and spits) and help raise some funds to keep fighting the devastation these utterly out-of-touch, gaffawing shitheads are set on subjecting us to (cringes, spits and feels a bit violent).




And, of course, you can just download it for free on


For a radio edit, contact

And here’s the video !!

Enjoy (hopefully as much as we did making it) and we’d be very grateful if you’d share it all about. Thanks!

Proper huge thanks to..

Cosmo for recording/mastering/producing the song, his support and being such a creative inspiration!

Lucie Jade for being such an amazing director on the video as well as filming  and then editing it in just 2 days!

And, of course, to everyone who turned up to the shoot and made it are ALL stars!!!

And to you! xxx

Cameron, I Would Call You A C**t Fackbook Page

Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores Fashbook Page

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