Fukushima Off! Especially the Anarchos?


Severnside Together Against Nuclear Development called a protest today outside Hitachi HQ in Gloucester to mark the second anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, and to hand in a letter opposing plans for a new nuclear development on the River Severn at Oldbury, which passed peacefully!

Some folks were a bit dismayed by the NIMBY attitude of a few, though. ‘Wrong Place’. Is there a right place for Nuclear Power then??

Despite how ruddy freezing it was, the turnout wasn’t bad, and there was much singing and playing in the ‘designated protest area’, which some of us watched and photographed from the main entrance doors shielding the ever-popular G4S security. Included in our numbers was an older lady with a bad back who needed to lean, a mother and child and those forever ‘hijacking’protests’ anarcho types!

Extra security were called and the police turned up in a CCTV van. Only one friendly copper (who recognised some of us from other local protests) seemed present though, and he was quite jovial when he came over with one of the STAND organisers who told us to move away from the doors or they wouldn’t be allowed to hand in their letter. We moved, in our own time, and after explaining to the ode bill about the lady’s back and pointing out the child and also that no-one had came or left since we’d been there – and we weren’t actually blocking the door, and he was fine.

As Forest residents, the planned power station at Oldbury is as much our concern as anyone else’s but sadly, yet again, the precious ‘if you’re not in our club and don’t do exactly what we say then you’re not welcome’ attitude was present from a few, though the Facebook event read –  ‘Whatever your reason for opposing new Nuclear Power at Oldbury – please come and join us in this non-violent action to let Hitachi Horizon feel the strength of our opposition!’

We all had to leave so that the letter would be accepted, and there was an attempt to herd us out of the way. We left happily and under our own steam. No-one was interested in cocking up what STAND had decided they wanted to do, but it would be nice if some of them were a little less judgmental regarding outside support.

So, Mr whoever you are who ain’t me Dad, we were there to support you and protest peacefully, and during your 50 years in activism you may have noticed that sometimes you need more than allowed designated pens, songsheets and a ‘don’t break my toys’ vibe to make an impact and be noticed – which, shock horror, doesn’t have to include molotovs!

Peace out!


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